Coaching Support for Young Men


Integrity is super crucial in my work with young men.  Integrity means that we are always holding what YOU want in your life.

Your parents have a perspective, and I may have a perspective, but in the end, I always want you to chose for yourself.

If you are being pushed to do things that you don’t want to do, then we are out of integrity and need to find a way to make a shift back to what is true for you.

The EmpowerMen Coaching Model ©

The EmpowerMen Coaching Model © that I use when coaching young men has four focal areas:

  1. What you want to create? This can include the work you want to be doing including putting together a vocational plan, an educational plan, relationships, travel, health and well being, and other entertainment and experiences that you want to incorporate into your life.
  1. What is holding you back? These are the patterns in your life that keep you from moving forward with the awesome life you want to be living.  Can include patterns of addiction, mental health issues, physical challenges, negative beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck and confused.
  1. How and where you get distracted? The world is full of distractions and ways that can pull all of us off track. Partying, relationships, TV and media, technology and gaming can all be great fun, and if not well managed, can slow or stop us from achieving our goals.
  1. Where and how you avoid doing the things that serve you? This includes patterns of procrastination, over analyzing, fear of making mistakes, fear of getting started, as well as fear of others judgement or criticism. Again, patterns that will kill the best of intentions.

Our initial work will be to explore these four areas to create a specialized map for your individual experience, and then we use this map to guide our work together.  Our work is focused on helping you get you want, while you learn strategies to manage the other 3 quadrants of this model (the things that hold you back, distract you, and cause you to avoid what you need to be doing).


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