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It is essential that every young man has the capacity and the confidence to live well.  This requires the understanding of, and the ability to navigate the inner world (thoughts, feelings, sensations, motivations, and values) as well as the world around us (self care, relationships, work, school, finances, and the activities that we want to pursue).

We all have a body and a mind. Young men who understand how to effectively work with their mind and their body, possess a huge advantage. In order to be good at navigating life, we need to be observant, so that we are able to track the sensations and feelings in our body, as well as the thoughts in our mind.  We also need to have a clear idea of what we are wanting and what we value.  The challenge is to stay present and keep focusing (and refocusing) on what we want and need to be doing.  If our unhelpful thinking distracts us from what we need to be doing, or if uncomfortable feelings and sensations are getting in the way, we need to have simple and effective strategies to calm our body, refocus our attention and keep moving towards what’s important. EmpowerMen Coaching focuses on helping young men to develop these skills.

These are the essential capacities EmpowerMen Coaching helps young men to develop:

Connect with the present moment and increase self-awareness.  It is important to have awareness both of the world within you as well as the world around you.  You will increase your awareness of both realms, and learn strategies to navigate both with confidence.

Learn helpful ways to refocus your attention. Learning to hold your focus on the present moment and on the task at hand is the antidote to so many unhelpful distractions.

Envision your future and break down your vision into manageable steps.  It is crucial to know what you want, and then be able to break that down into actionable steps that you can be working on daily to get you there.

Learn from the past, but not live in the past.  There is value in reflecting on experiences, choices and behaviors to learn and gain insight, but then we need to apply this understanding back to the present to create a different future.

Clarify your values and ensure that your vision, goals, and action plan align with your values.  You need to be living your values each day, such that your values are interwoven into your choices and your actions.

Take consistent ACTION towards your vision and goals.  The focus is on moving from overwhelm and rumination (uncertainty and fear) into committed action.

Notice when you are stuck, utilizing strategies to get unstuck, and moving back into action.  This process is not easy for any of us, and certainly is never perfect.  We use awareness to acknowledge when we are stuck and apply the skills we have learned to move back into meaningful action.

Reflect periodically on your progress and process, and then refine your vision and your plan as you grow and change.  The process is focused on learning, growth and increasing awareness, so we need to build periodic reflection and recalibration into our process.

The living process of discovery, growth, self-awareness and service never ends, so we will be continually cycling through these strategies.  The more you practice, the smoother and more integrated this process will become.


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