Mentoring Services for Young Men

I work with young men who are struggling one or more of the following areas:

  • Connecting with their passion and purpose
  • Challenges in achieving their educational goals
  • Finding and/or maintaining employment
  • Patterns of addiction
  • Patterns of avoidance, distraction, fear, and overwhelm.
  • Mental health issues, and challenges with emotion regulation*
  • Challenges in caring for their own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being
  • Challenges in relationships (family, friends, romantic/sexual)
  • Challenges with communicating effectively
  • Challenges with organization, time management, goal setting, and accountability
  • Difficulty managing money and being financially responsible
  • Challenges with basic life skills (cleaning, organization, budgeting, shopping, cooking)
  • Difficulty with self-motivation, self-discipline, and personal accountability

*These challenges are often addressed by a therapist and/or psychiatrist.  As a mentor/coach, I regularly work as a complement to these professionals.

The focus is on helping young men to:

  • Understand themselves and their situation
  • Identify their strengths, their passions, and their values
  • Clearly understand how to get what they want in life, and what it will take on their part
  • Communicate more effectively and work more collaboratively with the important people in their life
  • Break down the overwhelming tasks that they are faced with and find ways to achieve their goals
  • Take responsibility for their life, and follow through on the things they need to be doing to live the life they want for themselves

I act as a tireless advocate for my clients, their strengths and their gifts!


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