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Offer for Complimentary Sample Session:

I am deeply committed to empowering young men to free themselves of their debilitating patterns and to start living courageously.  To this end, I am open to speaking with young men and/or their parents to answer your questions, concerns or the specifics of your situation.  I am excited to be able to offer a complementary 60 minute session that will help you discover a more empowered way to live, and can guarantee that you will walk away from our meeting with more clarity, enthusiasm, and desire to change.  Call or e-mail and I will get back to you ASAP.  Thanks!


EmpowerMen Assessment – 3 hours of direct one-on-one to formulate a plan based on the EmpowerMen Coaching model with an individualized plan that summarizes goals, strategies, and structure for starting your empowered life — $300

EmpowerMen Introductory package — Includes the EmpowerMen assessment and 3 additional weeks of one on one coaching — $500

EmpowerMen Parent Coaching Assessement – One hour of direct one-on-one with the parents and and additional hour with the son to provide the perspective, insights and plan for parents to begin parenting and engaging their son in ways that cultivate his growth and increased self-reliance.  — $200

Hourly fee for one-on-one coaching — $95.  Sliding scale available, so if finances are a difficulty, please ask me about options for adjusted coaching fees

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If you would like to find out more about our Complimentary Coaching session, please get in touch.


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