Coaching Support for Parents

Parents generally act in ways that they think best serves their children.  What should we do when our good intentions and our best parenting is not working?  When this happens, it is often helpful to have an experienced facilitator to assist you in finding more effective ways to communicate with your son, to set agreements and boundaries, and to hold accountability so that a different result can arise.  The focus in this work is to clearly understand the goals of both the parents and their son, to clearly see and be able to communicate where things are working and where they are not working and to help the family system to find new ways to work together in a more effective way.  All of this is done with the intention of supporting your son to grow in his ability to navigate life on his own terms, and move into ever greater autonomy and independence.

Some of the areas that I support parents include:

  • Communication strategies – being able to better understand your son and being able to share your perspective, thoughts and feelings in a way that he can hear
  • Identifying and focusing on strengths – helping parents to more clearly see what is working and where their son is gifted
  • Clarifying and communicating boundaries, setting clear expectations/agreements, holding accountability and consequences, and offering positive recognition
  • Supporting parents to create space for their son to be able to stand on his own two feet, to try things, and to make some mistakes in the process of learning and growing
  • Clarifying the difference between what is helpful support, and what is unhelpful enabling behavior

Parents, if you have questions, please feel free to reach out.


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